June 2009
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Journey Into June

by Sherrill Schlimpert

Sherrill Schlimpert

“School’s out, school’s out. Teacher let the monkeys out.” Remember singing that way back when? Was there ever a more glorious feeling of freedom than the last day of school? After 49 years of being in school – from attending to teaching – I’ve experienced that bird-out-of-a-cage release over and over. From my elementary days of hearing that inevitable chant, to the tremendous relief of taking that last college exam of the semester, to packing away the last bulletin board and shutting the door for the summer during my teaching years…there was always that sensation that can only be described as “AHHHH!!!!”

In early June there always seemed to be the newness of summer activity to replace the burden of forced routine – the summer sports, Vacation Bible School, and yard sales. But what I always looked forward to most as a working mom was the increased time for quiet. The early morning times on the sun dappled deck with the background symphony of bird song replaced ... [read more]


Are You Drowning?

by Ginger Moore

Ginger Moore

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what is lost."
Luke 19:10

First, I need to tell you a little about Jamison. He is 3 and if there is such a thing as being 200% boy, then he is it! If I had not raised two other children before him I would totally be questioning my parenting skills. He makes me look 200% irresponsible! He is adventurous and as quick as lightening. Thus the reason for two ER visits and in a completely unrelated case, a call to 911 where police were involved!!! At this time I need to remind you he is only 3 and look at what all he's already done :( YIKES!! As I type this he is trying to convince me that it is OK to sword fight with his Dad's screwdriver!

But, I can't leave you with that impression. He is also the most affectionate of my children. He holds my hand all over the house. Literally, one day it took me nearly one hour to put groceries up because I did it one handed. If he is not holding my hand, he is holding my shirt tail or my leg. He showers me with kisses and his preference is smack on the lips! He has fallen asleep at my feet ...[read more]


Seeing Better Than 20/20

by Karen Hossink

Karen Hossink

I have very good eye sight. For years I have impressed my husband with the distance at which I can read signs. When we are traveling, it is always my job to watch for the road signs and make sure we don't miss our turns. I like my good eye sight. It makes me feel valuable. I didn't realize until recently, however, just how amazing my eye sight really is.

Like I said, I can make out road signs from a good distance away, but a short time ago I discovered I could see something even smaller. It was a speck in my husband's eye. It was really quite small, but I could still see it.

He had this habit that annoyed me. I'm not quite sure why it bothered me, as no one else appeared to be affected by it. They didn't even seem to notice. But it really irritated me. Many times I just could not fathom why no one else was aggravated by this speck like I was. I guess no one else has eye sight quite as wonderful as mine.

And believe me, my eye sight is remarkable. Why just the other day,... [read more]

Mark 8:34

Writing Coach Corner

Cultivating Your Writing

Schedule a time to identify one story a week or month and try to get it written. Send it to Next-Step-of-Faith, or to your favorite publication. Keep writing. Use these tips to help this become the spring time or the growing season of your faith writing calling.

1. Plan your article garden. Consider the tone, color and fragrance that will cause a reader to stop and enjoy the story.

2. Identify one incident or experience of your life and outline the beginning, middle and end of the story.

3. Review your outline and revise. Think of a garden bed at the end of winter. Develop the outline a little like you would when you prepare the garden. Rake out the weeds and winter debris. Break the large ideas into the fine soil that will drain and support ...[read more]

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